We understand that best way to work with a practice is to remain flexible; this is why ADAPTIVE is a core principle at FusionOne. We are ADAPTIVE in our approach to your practice. We tailor our technological, operational and financial solutions to custom fit your needs. While we offer a Zero Capital solution, if it better fits your needs to have a capital solution or to lease, we adapt. If you like your current X-ray dealer and prefer to purchase the modalities from them and only a PACS from FusionOne, we adapt. If your IT Director or Company wants to provide servers, and so you only require software from FusionOne, we adapt. Our consultative approach to your practice allows us to focus on what is important to you.

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  • ImagePad


    ImagePad™ is the latest addition to the ImageCloud® environment. This is FusionOne’s software solution for mobile computing platforms, such as iOS, Android and Windows Mobile 7. We envision ImagePad™ to be the ultimate access to the Cloud.

    This is a simple viewer that provides basic functionality for viewing images wirelessly on your iPad™; eliminating the need to install workstations in every exam room.

    There is no longer a need to burn CDs or move images to a USB drive to have them with you in surgery; ImagePad™ is the new way to store and transport your images. With an optional HDMI cable, your ImagePad™ can be plugged into any available monitor for an enhanced viewing experience.

    We felt that this technology was so important that we made it vendor neutral, i.e. it can work with any PACS system.

  • OPod


    It is our understanding of the “Mission Critical” nature of Orthopaedics that led us to create OPod™.

    OPod™ is our version of a classic DICOM viewer enhanced for Orthopaedics. It offers all the standard measurement tools, but also includes Cobb Angle, Plumb Line and Annotations. Additionally, we have added a myriad of features that include the ability to e-mail an image directly from the viewer, save images to a USB drive or burn them to a CD for transport. Long length images can be stitched together easily within OPod™.

    This is a very fast system for viewing diagnostic quality images — increasing productivity.

    But most importantly, it is extremely reliable. To achieve this level of reliability, we have built into this viewer the ability to work as a back-up server. This feature can be configured remotely and quickly.

  • ImageCloud


    Cloud computing has been referred to as an architecture, a platform, an operating system, or a service, and in some sense it’s all of these. It is application, data, hardware, software, or services provided over the internet.

    Where, when and in which format you need images depends upon where you are. The diagnostic quality of DICOM is important to have in your clinic, but the speed of JPEGs are more practical as a reference from home or in the OR.
    Perhaps, a mobile device would be more practical than a PC or laptop if you are at a conference. ImageCloud® captures the essence of Cloud Computing by providing an environment that allows for the use of the most appropriate platform to be utilized at the time you need your data.

    This environment is created through the implementation of our three technologies; OPod™, ImagePad™ and SmartFind™

    ImagePad Video

    OPod Video
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  • Data Migration

    Data Migration is a critical component of upgrading to a new PACS. Patient imaging data must be more than “copied”, it must be verified, validated and normalized.

    If your practice is upgrading from a proprietary PACS such as eTrauma/Stryker or Medstrat, this will add an additional layer of complexity to your migration.

    FusionOne’s engineers have unique experience in successfully migrating imaging data, even in the most complex situations.

    This is why other PACS companies, such as GE, Agfa, Cedara (now Merge) and Sectra have come to FusionOne for their Data Migration needs.

  • ImageCloud®-D

    “D” is for Disaster Recovery.
    ImageCloud®-D is an available service with every FusionOne system. Our HIPAA compliant Cloud-based back-up provides you with the assurance that should your practice be the victim of fire, theft or natural disaster; FusionOne has your data backed-up.

    By storing your data in the Cloud, FusionOne can rapidly respond to rebuild your archive

  • Professional Services

    Our Professional Services extend from pre-sale consultation to post-sale training.

    Our experienced team is able to advise your practice on IT infrastructure, Interfaces, Financing as well as provide your Physicians and Staff with comprehensive training on both our PACS and the modalities/accessories that we provide.