The Affordable Digital Imaging/PACS Solution from the Most Experienced Team in the Industry.

FusionOne is the leading developer of digital imaging / PACS solutions for the private office-based clinic..

FusionOne’s technology, our Intellectual Property, is owned and developed internally. It is our team of Engineers that have created our entire portfolio of products; from the .NET Framework platform, and our platform of Web-based PACS to ImageCloud®, OPod™,, vendor neutral archive and all the other products in-between.

FusionOne understands today’s private office-based Orthopaedic physician’s clinical, financial and technology needs. Utilizing our knowledge of the technologies available in the industry, FusionOne designs, integrates and implements the most intelligent approach available in Orthopaedic medical informatics (Digital Imaging/PACS,X-ray, MR, EMR, PMS) customer care and support.

The management team, is comprised of Veterans who established the Orthopaedic Imaging industry 13 years ago and who have over 47 years combined experience in the Orthopaedic medical imaging and informatics industry, and has a proven dedication to quality and value to our clients.

It is this leadership that has led to significant developments in reducing the cost of technology exclusively for the Orthopaedic market.

FusionOne’s ImageCloud® technology is ground breaking. For the first time, technology that is on the cutting-edge is being developed specifically for the Orthopaedic community, as opposed to waiting for it to trickle down from the Radiology world. This Cloud technology has created a higher availability to images than ever before. We assess that this is such a significant leap forward that we make it vendor neutral; allowing it to sit on top of any PACS system.

All our technologies are developed in-house with four common tenets — it must be an open format system that utilizes industry standard protocols, it must be intuitive to the user, it must be reliable and redundant and it must be affordable — even for the single practitioner.

Our expertise in this field allows FusionOne to be consultative to your practice; helping you select the proper solutions to implement. Many of our customers use us a source of reference when they are evaluating other technologies, such as EMR and PM, as well as advisors on new business opportunities and trends in the Orthopaedic community.

We are proud of our record of dedication to customer service and continually try to improve through investment in technologies that help us better serve you.


CR or DR?

There are many factors to determine which is the best fit for your practice. Some to consider:

• Upfront costs
• Versatility
• Throughput
• Space constraints


Can I change the contrast on a JPG image?

Yes, but JPG images do not provide full fidelity, rich data for primary diagnosis as well as a DICOM image. DICOM images are the ACR NEMA standard.


What else can benefit from DICOM images?

The higher quality images result in improved surgical outcomes for orthopedists, as surgeons can use the images to plan their surgical approach.
Cloud Computing


FusionOne Releases ImageCloud® 365 A Pure Cloud Based Solution For Private Practices

Roselle, IL– March 1, 2015

FusionOne, the leading developer of Digital Imaging Solutions for Private Practices released ImageCloud® 365 its New Cloud Computing platform at the AAOS in Las Vegas. 

FusionOne and AllMeds Announce Fully Integrated product for viewing DICOM images within EHR

Integration Provides Practices with ability to meet one of the MU-2 menu items to view DICOM images directly within the AllMeds Electronic Health Record.